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'Are You Here'

'Are You Here' is a genealogical journey exploring family history, identity and place through illustration and digital media.  The work is designed to question the nature of family and genealogical links to places, making us wonder whether it is a coincidence that we are instinctively drawn to places or if we actively try to create links with places where we have connections (no matter how distant or close). The final work involved sculpture, illustration, an ebook and exhibition (recorded in a video, below).  I am currently developing this work with new temporary sculptures exploring the character of spaces.



Sculptural pieces

Sculptural pieces (Letters to my Ancestors I, II and III) were created using paper and acrylic paint, and then  documented in digital media.


The locations were:

Letters to my Ancestors I- Brandon Hill, Bristol

Letters to my Ancestors II- Bristol

Letters to my Ancestors III- Brighton Beach


Skandhas was crated using water soluble non toxic pen, on pre-selected pebbles, in the beach area closest to the vicinty of the Madiera Lift area.


Illustrative pieces such as Stella's Footsteps were presented as framed works.  The exhibition was held at Gladstone's Gallery, Edinburgh from 2 – 7 July 2013.  Selected prints from the work featured at the 2013 Are You Here exhibition are available for purchase from my online Etsy store.



'Are You Here' available to download from iBooks

I am a registered Apple developer;  'Are You Here' documents the research and development of the project to exhibition stage, drawing on psychogeography and character mapping techniques as well as offering some tips for genealogical research.

This is designed to be an informal travelogue style publication giving an insight into the art development process, featuring images of work in progress and research carried out in Bristol and Brighton. and is available for free download from iBooks.

Documentary video

The video below is a short documentary on the exhibition, featuring comments from opening night attendees.  It was done with permission from the National Trust for Scotland property manager, and filmed by Bad Monkey Films