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Arts and Heritage

Digital work

I enjoy experimenting with digital tools for creative projects and I often combine analogue and digital illustration techniques; depending on the complexity of the brief this could be using readily smartphone apps (such as Stack Motion and Visual Poetry) or the Adobe Creative Cloud packages such as Photoshop and Muse with SLR photography.  I use video, audio, social media and blogging tools for digital storytelling and create multimedia publications using iBooks Author, iAdProducer and Adobe InDesign.


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Event Photography


Queen’s Baton Relay


As part of the Digital Commonwealth Project run by the University of the West of Scotland and funded by the Big Lottery and the Media Trust I was involved in documenting events around the Queen’s Baton Relay(launch in Glasgow, baton leaving England and Edinburgh welcome).


This is a selection of the images, some of which were also featured on the STV Edinburgh website.


Event Photography


IHBC Summer School and Doors Open Days


A selection of representative images can be seen on my Flickr profile.





Project: Gdansk to Govan


I am researching the ship building heritage of Govan and Gdansk, and reflecting on historical similarities and differences and the current regeneration and development processes in both cities, responding using photographs.  This research was initiated following attendance at a UWS summer school with the Gdansk Academy of Fine Art in 2013; the presentation below was undertaken in December 2013 to reflect on the learning undertaken at that date, and the intended further creative outcomes.  I am visiting Gdansk again in summer 2014 and will I plan further research on this area, working towards developing an exhibition towards the end of the year.


Visual note taking and animations

I have always used visual methods of taking notes rather than just lines of text, I am a huge fan of mind maps and illustrative reminders to help explain a concept, as it taps into different ways of learning and retaining information.  The videos below show some short examples of animations  to showcase my approach to visual presentation.




The Vimeo videos were created in Adobe Flash Professional, using a combination of illustrations and photographs created in Illustrator and Photoshop.

The YouTube videos were created in Adobe Flash Professional and iMovie.


These contain speeded up hand drawings, illustrations created in Illustrator and a demonstration of how to use an app to create logos with simple typography.

Digital storytelling: IHBC annual school

I was commissioned to manage the digital reporting of the IHBC Edinburgh summer school, which involved recruiting digital media volunteers to capture the event highlights on social media, co-ordinating and monitoring Twitter, YouTube and Flickr posts, creating Audioboo interviews and soundscapes reflecting the discussions and site visits and also summarising the School activities using Storify.








Digital storytelling: Digital Commonwealth

I was involved in the regular digital reporting of progress on Digital Commonwealth project, and used Mozilla Webmaker to author and present training materials for this using Webmaker ‘teach the web’ templates and basic code.  This work was part of my role as part time Educational Coordinator for the Digital Commonwealth Project (a Big Lottery, University of the West of Scotland and Media Trust funded project from August 2013- September 2014), which also involved recruiting schools throughout Scotland to take part in the project and coordinating the nationwide workshops. View more details of this project here.