Crenellated Arts

Illustration and Digital Interpretation:

Arts and Heritage

Illustration (and occasional sculpture)

I undertake illustrative commissions and also sell illustration online (though Etsy) and at pop up markets- ‘drawing the architecture which surrounds your life’. I always keep an eye out for participatory public arts projects (I was on the Fourth Plinth) and enjoy taking part in exhibitions and gallery shows.



Buildings, bikes, beer and beans

My work aims to capture the character and local flavours of towns and cities; not just the physical architecture and spaces (buildings), but all the things which go on around them.  I am a fan of a little bit of local produce (beer), cycling around to explore the lanes and smaller highways (bikes) and watching the world go by from a coffee shop (beans).. though not necessarily in this order!

On the Plinth

I was a participant in the Antony Gormley “One and Other” Fourth Plinth Project (2009), I was one of the lucky 2400 from around the UK who occupied the plinth for an hour. I created a Lego model of Trafalgar Square and then sketched my view from the plinth around its surface.


It was a truly unique experience, and one I will never forget, even though it was 2am when I was there!


'Are You Here' Exhibition

Selected prints from the work featured at the 2013 Are You Here exhibition are available for purchase from my online Etsy store.


For further information on this work, please have a look at the exhibition page (it incorporates research, sketching, illustration, exhibition quality work and an ebook).

Digital Illustration

I enjoy combining analogue and digital illustration; here I provide a blog post about the process of creating an analogue illustration using Letraset Tria Pens and then combine this with video footage to create a moving sky.


More or my video and photographic work is in the digital portfolio section of my site.