Crenellated Arts

Illustration and Digital Interpretation:

Arts and Heritage


I currently undertake freelance research and writing consultancy work relating to art and heritage project development (for example small scale Heritage Lottery funding grant applications for heritage interpretation projects).  I also keep regular personal and professional blogs and run training in blogging and digital storytelling.  I have also authored digital media literacy training materials (as part of the Digital Commonwealth project) and am a registered Apple developer for creating ebooks.


Crenellated Arts Blog

My own blog space contains musings on architecture, art, cultural travel and cycling (and technology for these) and I also use this for reporting and reflecting on my own work in progress.


This has featured on the Doors Open Day website and blog as part of their reporting of events in the news.

IHBC Newsblogs

I am the newsblogs consultant for the Institute of Historic Building Conservation, which involves monitoring weekly conservation and heritage news and co-authoring relevant industry related blogs on conservation, planning, historic buildings, construction and cultural heritage matters.

Cultural Planning

A part of a professional development course at the University of the West of Scotland I was involved in a project to blog about ideas for using the cultural planning approach towards my work, including mapping of cultural assets and encouraging public engagement through community events and digital platforms.

Digital Commonwealth blogs and project promotion

I compiled regular website updates and blogs as part of my role as part time Educational Coordinator for the Digital Commonwealth Project (a Big Lottery, University of the West of Scotland and Media Trust funded project from August 2013- September 2014).  I also wrote guest posts for Education Scotland on the project to publicise Glow Meetings and promote the project.

Digital Commonwealth digital media literacy teaching kits and training materials

As part of the Digital Commowealth project I also co-authored and then coded the training materials for the schools programme delivery; these are written in Mozilla Webmaker 'teach the web' format, and are designed to be open source and remixable.  The materials cover project themes (in this case the wider 'Commonwealth' topics of people, place, culture and exchange) and a set of creative practice activities (designed to nurture skills) followed by community practice activities (encouraging wider discussion and online collaboration between participants and school groups).  The teaching kits cover blogging, video, audio and social media.  The kits are now being developed into a Digital Storytelling toolkit.



I am a registered Apple developer; and currently have one title available; for further information on this work, please have a look at the Are You Here exhibition page (this project incorporated research, sketching, illustration, exhibition quality work and a book).


'Are You Here' is an informal travelogue style publication giving an insight into the art development process, and is available for free download from iBooks.