I successfully earned my PhD in July 2019. The title of my thesis is "Bidding for City of Culture status: revealing hidden heritage through creative research methods and the role of digital cultural asset mapping" 
My research was practice-based, I produced a digital cultural asset map which explored the cultural assets of Renfrewshire (see press release), and worked with community groups to explore cultural assets through creating cognitive maps, and digital storytelling.
My thesis is downloadable from the British Library here.  This page offers a taster of some of the activities which I carried out during the PhD process, 2015 -2018.
Prize winning Research Poster
I created a poster which summarised my research for the University of the West of Scotland Student Research Conference 2017, This won the best poster award, and is embedded below as a slideshare:
International Conference Presentation
I have presented this research at the 22nd International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies; Vienna (November 2017)
Our Shared Heritage: IHBC Annual School Invited Speaker
I was an invited speaker at the IHBC Annual School 2018, under the theme of "Our Shared Heritage", where I presented my PhD research and shared examples of my freelance work.  This is a national conference, attended by built heritage specialists, academics, students, practitioners and suppliers.
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