AcWriMo meets  NaNoWriMo
I am not doing any academic work today as it is the weekend, but I am trying to keep up with other elements of #AcWriMo such as reading and selfcare. I set myself a goal to record what I had done for selfcare as I can sometimes forget *not* to work, so it is important for me to recognise patterns.
Today I played with my art and journal supplies and made nothing in particular. I read bits of a Nigel Slater cookbook, and watched silly things on YouTube, tidied the kitchen and did general household chores.  I also did some plotting in one of the journals I have, which is a “wellness” planner.
Where does the #NanoWriMo aspect come in? I am allowing myself to plan out an idea I have had for a while, which is to retrace a journey which my family made in 1923. I own a log which charts their journey, and an article they wrote about it in a magazine.. I would like to recreate it.  Today I  transcribed some of the pages of the diary, and wrote out a grand plan.  
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