What Beyonce taught me about setting up for AcWrimo 2022
What does that all mean? Well, looking back at my failed attempt to do AcWriMo 2020 and 2021 (because pandemic.. no brain space) I feel like a new foundation is needed, not to “release my job” (no thanks, I love where I am!) but to form writing streaks and habits and re-engage with writing. I am actually quite a proflific writer when I allow myself, especially if I remember to do brain dumps. Some of these brain dumps are not for public consumption, but Beyonce strick a chord with me and my trade is writing.. I do indeed need to release the time to do it, and the stress about making “the perfect page”, I need to focus on being kind to my mind, and release the love for exploring and explaining my own fields of practice.
Release ya trade= let the writing out
Release the stress =let go of angst
Release the love= rediscover the love of writing in all its forms
Forget the rest= allow “bad” writing.. deleting is allowed and editing is needed, trust the process ;) 
I can’t cite Beyonce in a SoTL article, one suspects, but I definitely get a “stamp”for brain dump today!
Coincidentally, I then read this book:
“Put on some random music – from a selection on shuffle, or whatever a radio station happens to be playing. Write a few sentences about how the music makes you feel and think, then write about how that might link with your research”
Phillips, Richard, and Helen Kara. Creative Writing for Social Research : A Practical Guide, Policy Press, 2021. ProQuest Ebook Central
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